domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

After EVS...

Sometimes your life changes when you meet some special people, you will never forget them. From this moment you change and open even more your mind and the way to see the world and people around. But, unfortunately, they are no aware of it.

This is the case of a special autistic boy that every day in a few months made me smile and he still makes it when I remember him and the way to express himself :)

In spite of the routine that makes him feel save, every day was a different day, specially when one day, suddenly, he hugs you and there is no reason (apparently), he holds your hand or he looks at you smiling :D
And I will never forget those days when you can see your effort, trying to teach him something very simple. Those days when he is thinking and suddenly tells you “Ho, ho, hola” and you didn’t tell him nothing those day about say it. Those days when you ask which the color of the traffic light is and he always tells you: “galben” (yellow, but he answers yellow for everything), and one of these special days he tells the right color: “verde” (green) and you feel really good! But, of course, I will never forget the “revista” (magazine) moments!! When he sees one of these things he jumps and goes to get his objective! And one day, after this situation he wants you to read the tv programming!
So, even if I only keep in touch with your mum… and maybe I can only see you again in pictures... I wish you the best and I will never forget you!