jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Words on paper watering time.

Walking in the streets of Arad colors, sounds, languages​​, steps, perfume are blended, tell us the bustle of humanity and I among people, live my experience as a volunteer, in this place that continues to amaze me for its beauty, its contradictions, its quiet vitality.
I look up and the sky is very blue, the eyes wander over the old palaces faded by the time, in the big park behind the theater, the air smells of roses and  in the puddle of a fountain, a pigeon is busy with his personal toaleta. It's a hot July day and this afternoon I have nothing important to do. I decide to go to see the painting exhibition, I take my bike, the city runs under my eyes: cross the tram No. 6 on the boulevard, on the right the street kebab, Gigi, begging gypsies, the Cristal's terrace ... I smile at people, I get smiles ... on the left side the Mc Donald, in front of it there is the  City Hall, the Red church , the famous Libellula terrace, clothing shops, straight in front, the Orthodox church climb people's attention, the bus stop, the bridge, the traffic light ... the sun begins to go down... its red tones, its orange, pink shades... this spectacle of nature in the background of Arad kidnapp me, I follow it. I pedal, the landscape begins to change slowly, I remember that the intention was to go to see the exhibition in Clio's sala, but now ... who knows? Me, among those who know where to go, and who goes without knowing. Life takes turn at a traffic light.

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