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Tips & advices for a nice EVS experience

Opened eyes
Months, far away from your  country your luggage maybe there are some pictures of your lovely family, your dog, your friends… at the beginnig looking at theme you will feel a little bit melancholic, nostalgic but we want to suggest you: take it easy! Update your profile on FB, change your position on the map, keep your eyes open and discover the beauties of this land, the colors of the people, the unity in the diversity for living an experience that will enrich your own person, entirely.    
Carpe diEm!

Enjoy every moment, share it with other nice people just like you, open your mind, meet the World, explore new people, discover yourself under new lights and shades, trying to leave your darkness in the back while walking towards the sunshine.

Take it easy if plans do not go as you have been wishing, because you always have a B plan, and a C plan and a D plan, isn’t it? ;)  And when you are just ready for doing it… here it comes the X plan, that one you were not even imagining!

So… what are you waiting for?

Meet people, meet the world

Let yourself flow with this great experience and especially with the people that you find in it, you will learn a lot of things from them. Take the opportunity to improve and learn languages, travel and learn everything you can. Get over fears and have more confidence in you.


To really enjoy this new experience, in a good way, between a lot of other forms, is to be open to changes, expected and unexpected, to be flexible with people around you and be curious with the opportunities that are presented to you to learn new things. All that you can learn is useful for yourself and to share new knowledges with others.

Giving up
Yes, you will reach a point that everything seems like a nightmare for you! The beginning enthusiasm will fade away and now you will want to go home earlier, abandon the project. So, in order to help you, because volunteering is all about helping, here are 5 motives to use when writing your giving up declaration:

1.     You are sick. How couldn’t this work? Assuming that you have a bad health condition is half the way to put you in a plane and go back home. Only the fresh air of your country and that product that only exists there will cure you. Pack your things, sayonara foreign country!

2.     You broke one fingernail. What worse can happen to compromise your work than having a broken fingernail, especially if you are a girl? And if you claim that it was during an activity of the project, even better!

3.     Your religion does not allow. The Congregation of the Divine Socks, the one that you belong, is very strict about having you very distant. Amendment #17 says that one that misses the Washing of the Socks ceremony for more than 6 weeks on a row is condemned to have smelly feet for eternity. You sure don’t want this to happen. 

4.   You miss mummy and daddy. Start to cry and suck your thumb. Easier than words!

5.     You realized that people speak strange. You arrived and suddenly it looked like you were in a different reality. People, for no apparently reason, speak other language! It is impossible to live in a place where you can’t understand anyone. Besides, the voices you hear at night are warning that the ninjas are coming for you; you’re not safe in this country anymore. 

There you go. Your work made easier. Now you don’t have excuses to not give up. Thoughts of giving up are also part of the experience. You will pass by your dark moments, but you will have your moments of joy too. Imagine your EVS project as a life simulator. In order to recognize joy, for example, you must pass by its opposite. Happiness/sadness, responsibility/irresponsibility, respect/disrespect, hot/cold, you will always find this dualism whatever you do and wherever you are. It is up to you which one do you want to give importance, which path do you want to take. Give up/not give up.       

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